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Date of Birth: nov.29.1984
Nationality/Ancestry: china
Race: ne
First RTS: warcraft
Likes: win
Dislikes: dislike when all classmates are better than me
Food: mutton cooked on open fire
Unit he loves to kill: rifleman
Hero he loves to kill: mk
Favorite Player: remind
Motto in Life: talent is not all


JaGuAr.: Hi, Flyingbug. Would you please introduce yourself by giving us your name, age, and location?

FlyingBug: My name is Fei Teng (family name), i'm 21 years old, and i live in germany right now.

JaGuAr.: How and when did you get in touch with Warcraft 3?

FlyingBug: In 2002, many friends were saying change from starcraft to wc3 then i decided it too, i downloaded roc beta started to play although i couldnt even remember hero and buildings until 1.00 was out, i managed to become better i played beta for 3 months, but everybody who starts new can win me.. that was a sad period for me not long after that i came to germany with my family here i have mass time to train for game.

JaGuAr.: Could you tell us how you came up with the name 'Flyingbug'?

FlyingBug: That nick is older than wc3

JaGuAr.: Meaning's?

FlyingBug: In starcraft time actually i just picked up this nick.i used other names in war3 , but those acc got stolen or ban by blizzard -- i dont hack but dunno why
so i use back this id again

JaGuAr : I guess you’re from China. Did you ever live in China and play Warcraft3 on Kalimdor? And which realm do you prefer the most as a player?

FlyingBug: I played on asia server at begin of roc time, there was no such latency back then. i would prefer asia and europe server, there are many top players.

JaGuAr.: If you were approached to go to china would you do it? Or are you happy where you are right now?

FlyingBug: I would like to play some tour in china , like WCG, ESWC.. since i still carry chinese nationality however university in germany always have late holidays

JaGuAr.: You tell me, you make some stuff like strategy guides for and so on, isn’t that hard to be on northrend, considering you’re a part of the Chinese community?

FlyingBug: Internet combines everybody together...

JaGuAr.: Could you talk about your clan IFNT, are there only Chinese guys?

FlyingBug: I think most of them are chinese there we're alot of good players in IFNT, but some of them have graduated from study and have come back to china

JaGuAr.: Did you ever consider changing team?

FlyingBug: Maybe i`ll join pro gamers clan when i become even better.

JaGuAr.: Did you receive any offers yet?

FlyingBug: Big clans dont recruit time a half pro team asked me to join was in that team , too. 

JaGuAr.: Could you give some of your lan’s achievements ? 

FlyingBug: There is no lan tour here.. cant even find a classmate who plays game ..

JaGuAr.: I notice you join and win the “wc3t”, a French online tournament (one of the biggest online tournament). How do you get in touch with it? and what do you think about the French scene?

FlyingBug: A french friend told me about wc3t, and i played 1 time hm i dont know much about france IFNT there is a good player who lives in france , he plays lan there very often i wondered why they say "ger is good for wc3" there is no one playing this game at all, in IFNT there is a good player who lives in france , he plays lan there very often...

JaGuAr.: ok.

FlyingBug: ...and many times he tells us "i win lan again " or "i win 50 euro for dota"

JaGuAr.: What is a typical day for Flyingbug?

FlyingBug: I turn on the computer when i am awake , and play until tired of course i go to school.



Let’s talk about the game itself right now...

JaGuAr.: When I look at your statistics, i notice you play only ne. Why did you decide to choose Night Elf as your main and unique race?

FlyingBug: As i downloaded roc beta from edonkey2000, i noticed, when the worker unit of one race gathers lumber, my computer(tnt2 graphic card) will crash, i changed alot hardware to solve the problem , then i decided to play this "troublesome" racereally? roc beta 1.03, wisp on trees will crash then i couldnt build things , just root up the base and let it walk around the map -- that was my first game
r first "not crashed" game

JaGuAr.: You’re gameplay is somehow quite near from RemInD’s one any commentary about this link? 

FlyingBug: I am learning ne mirror from his playing

JaGuAr.: Did he teach you?

FlyingBug: Yes.

JaGuAr.: You managed to pull off some surprising victorys against players like fntc.rholle or SK.insomnia recently. Were you surprised to be able to beat theses players?

FlyingBug: I am not surprised when i beat any human player.

JaGuAr.: That’s mean human is weak?

FlyingBug: I think so, to win a ud pro gamer is really hard

JaGuAr.: Do you regard yourself as a pro-gamer?

FlyingBug: Not yet i guess, i am still not good enough.

JaGuAr.: What do you think about the strategies right now? Are there still a lot of  thing to discover?

FlyingBug: NE still needs to find a "better" strategy vs undead . maybe alchemist ? potm? there are still chance i can see some orcs have found good strategies vs talons

JaGuAr.: What do you do to come up with new strategies?

JaGuAr.: When fntc.creo used the fast merc strat' versus T.MH]eve on a WC3L match, everybody said he invented that strategy. What did you though?

FlyingBug: I guess he found it by himself, but as the time i started to use "pulling" , he still buy mercs with rude way -- when there is health fountain on GW, he buys 3 berserkers and let them go fountain for healing

JaGuAr.: Do you have a best and a worst matchup or does it change every week like me?

FlyingBug: Ne mirror or ne vs ud/ ne vs human on all maps except LT worst matchup : ne vs human on LT.

JaGuAr.: Many people consider WarCraft III to be imbalanced, especially Night Elves. What are your views on that?

FlyingBug: Maybe they are right. Just like i feel undead imba -_-, if any unit, hero or strategy is abused by most ppl , blizzard will change it, like mercs on TS.. or free expo on wetland.

JaGuAr.: Do you agree with this statement from grubby:” I have to be honest: playing NE vs Orcs is like shooting handicapped ducks in a barrel”?

FlyingBug: Orcs have to find strategies and win over talons by themself, not hoping blizzard nerf talons

JaGuAr.: What about your groupings? Do you hotkeys?

FlyingBug: Yes, i use 1, 2 mostly for units, 3 sometimes,

4-6 for buildings , 9 for altar , 0 base
For example when i use bears:

1 -> all heros and all bears
2 -> dryads

But in ne mirror i need to micro them more , and 50 food battle is without dryad , then i will use 1 for hero + archers, 2 for bears

JaGuAr.: Finally any shoutouts?

FlyingBug: "Join nightelves, we always creat imbaness" :)

JaGuAr.: Thank you for answering my questions.


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